Smart Inventory


Automate and optimise your material cutting and milling processes

Key features

Automated Planning

We fully automate the planning of cutting, taking into account all pending customer orders.

Optimise Remains

We minimize the leftovers from the cutting process and reuse them by nesting desired results.

Saw Utilisation

We optimize the running time of saws and CNC machines for minimum downtime.

Predict Inventory

We reduce material usage and inventory wastage by predicting future use based on past patterns.

Plan Example


Width 150 cm
Height 60 cm
Depth 60 cm


Weight 8.6 kg
Quality 1730

Cut 1 / 4

Location 103, 0, 0
Time 36 min
Cut 1 / 4

Improve Your Metrics

Shorten cut planning stage by up to 95%
Decrease machine downtime by up to 50%
Optimize remains reuse and reduce waste by least 10%

Job Planning

Job Planning
  • Batch ProcessingConsolidate multiple orders into a single job plan, reducing the need for individual manual planning.
  • Inventory OptimizationPrioritize the use of remaining materials to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.
  • Time EfficiencySave time by automating the planning process, allowing your team to focus on higher-level tasks.
  • Data-Driven DecisionsLeverage our platform to handle vast amounts of data to make informed, optimal choices for material usage.

Digital FactoryWe can help you setup your digital factory

Manufacturing Assistant

Streamline operations with a chatbot that assists in sales and generates sales documents.

Document Import and OCR

Automatically import and process purchase and supply orders with OCR for physical documents.

Order and Inventory Tracking

Track order fulfillment and warehouse storage using QR codes for real-time updates.

Machine Monitoring

Monitor machine performance and downtime to ensure optimal operation and maintenance.

Mobile Alerts

Use our mobile app to receive email or SMS alerts and respond quickly to critical events.


Centralize remains inventory using Photometry for automatic cataloging and efficient reuse.